Past Presidents and Conference Sites

Years President
2011-2012Patti Rawlins
2009-2010Jennie Luongo
2007-2008Melissa Dowling
2005-2006Clyde Lehman
2003-2004Bob Cape
2001-2002Randy Thompson
1999-2000Grace Starry-West
1997-1998Jo Green
1995-1996Tim Moore
1993-1994Linda Rawlings
1991-1992Jennifer Roberts
1989-1990Donna Gerard
1987-1988Jim Johnson
1985-1986Bob Hicks
1983-1984Edward George
Year Conference Site
2012University of Texas
2011Baylor University
2010University of Texas
2009University of Texas
2008Southern Methodist University
2007University of Texas
2006University of Texas
2005University of Dallas
2004University of Texas
2003University of Texas
2002Trinity University
2001University of Texas
2000University of Texas
1999Rice University
1998Baylor University (Joint with CAMWS, Southern Section)
1997University of Texas
1996University of Texas
1995University of Texas
1994University of Dallas
1993University of Texas
1992University of Texas
1990University of Texas
1989University of Texas
1988Southern Methodist University
1986University of Texas

Do you know any other previous presidents or convention sites? Email our TCA Historian, Miranda Wenzlaff at [miranda (dot) wenzlaff (at) nisd (dot) net].

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