Where's Latin?

If you were looking for information about Latin at Porter Middle School, there is a possibility that Latin will no longer be taught there.

If you were looking for the Latin website kept by Magistra Ginny Lindzey, please go to www.txclassics.org/drippinglatin.htm. Former students and those looking for Latin materials, pronunciation sheets, model sentences, links to cool websites and more will find the information still in place.

More changes will be coming to these web pages as the new school year progresses.

Those of you who are still at Porter, good luck to you. I will miss you and know that I will always care about you. Feel free to drop me an email at any time.

Magistra Lindzey


Magistra Ginny Lindzey is the Latin teacher for Dripping Springs High School, Dripping Springs, Texas. All questions and comments about this website should be sent directly to  Magistra Lindzey. In fact, students and former students as well as parents are encouraged to contact Magistra Lindzey.

These web pages last updated May 30, 2006.