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Troublesome Words
Beginning with Q

1. quam

a. with a superlative: "as X as possible."

quam celerrime: as swiftly as possible

b. with a comparative: "than"

Ego sum maior quam tu. I am bigger than you.

c. feminine accusative singular of relative pronoun.

Femina quam amo me laudat. The woman I love praises me.

d. in exclamations and indirect questions: "how"

Quam magna est Roma! How big Rome is!

Rogavit quam diu mansissem. He asked how long I had stayed.

2. quidam, quaedam, quoddam: a certain person or thing

Quidam Galli Helvetios adiuvabant.

Certain Gauls were helping the Helvetians.

3. quidem: indeed, truly, at least

Ego quidem legatos misi.

I at least sent ambassadors.

BUT: ne... quidem: "not even"

Ne Graeci quidem Vergilium contemnebant.

Not even the Greeks despised Vergil.

4. quin

a. in a main clause: "indeed"

Possum? Quin debes.

May I? Indeed you must.

b. in a subordinate clause after verbs like dubitare: "that"

Non dubito quin Romani victuri sint.

I do not doubt that the Romans will be victorious.

c. in clauses of hindering: "from" or "but that"

Non obstabat quin abiret.

She did not keep him from going away.

5. quis, quid

a. in direct or indirect questions: interrogative pronoun ("who," "what")

Rogavit quis Gallos adiuvisset.

He asked who had helped the Gauls.

b. after si, nisi, num, or ne: = aliquis, aliquid ("someone," "anyone", "something," "anything")

Si quis me adiuvabit, vincam.

If anyone helps me, I will win.

6. quisque, quaeque, quodque: each

Quisque discipulus discit.

Each student learns.

7. quisquis, quaequae, quidquid: "whoever," "whatever"

Quidquid, id est, timeo Danaos et dona ferentes.

Whatever it is, I fear Greeks even when they bring gifts.

8. quod

a. neuter nominative or accusative singular of relative pronoun ("which," "that")

Oppidum quod cepit magnum erat.

The town that he captured was big.

b. because, "as to the fact that"

Belgi fortes sunt quod cum Germanis pugnant.

The Belgi are brave because they fight with the Germans.

9. quomodo: "how"

Nescio quomodo frumentum inventum sit.

I do not know how the grain has been found.

10. quo: to where

Quo vadis?

Where are you going?

11. qua: "by which way," "where"

Illuc qua veniam?

In what way should I come there?

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