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Latin 1:

Magistra's QUIA, CLC Unit 1
CLC Online Vocab Tester for Unit 1 (1st semester)
CSCP's Unit 1 Online Resources

QUIA, CLC Unit 2
CLC Online Vocab Tester for Unit 2 (2nd semester)
CSCP's Unit 2 Online Resources

Latin 2:

Magistra's QUIA, CLC, Unit 3
CLC Online Vocab Tester for Unit 3
CSCP's Unit 3 Online Resources, part 1(called book 3)

CSPS's Unit 3 Online Resources, part 2 (called book 4)

Latin 3:

Magistra's QUIA, Ecce 2
Magistra's (QUIA, ECCE 1-2)
Prentice Hall's Ecce Romani II Student Page
Ecce Romani Useful Links

Latin 4/Vergil AP:

Magistra's QUIA,Vergil


Magistra's (incipient) QUIA Certamen
Classics Unveiled
Demodocus.com Online Flashcards (lots of challenging topics!)
Clickable Roman Map Quiz

National Latin Exam:

National Latin Exam. We will be taking the National Latin Exam in the spring. Students who continue their studies in Latin at the high school level and who score well on the exam qualify for scholarship money for college.

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Clickable Roman Map Quiz
Demodocus.com Online Flashcards (lots of topics!)
The Games of Senex Caecilius (if you like logic games, you'll like a lot of what you'll find here; plus Senex was my high school biology teacher...)
Latin Scrabble Online! (start up a game with me at any time but please use the ginlindzey at lindzey dot come address)
Create your own Mad Glibs for Latin
Nugae Latinae, which includes Zap Caecilius, Fireball, and other CLC related games.
Request an Audience with Caesar
Rinse the Blood off My Toga Here's the audio file for part of Rinse the Blood off My Toga and here's the whole script!
Winged Sandals (lots of neat stuff about mythology plus some silly games to amuse)
You Wouldn't Want to be a Gladiator! (amusing site)

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Dripping Latin - Join us in writing some new stories, and giving some old stories a new twist! MEANINGFUL participation on these blogs will count as extra credit (to be determined).

Most of these blog sites are by teachers and often are for teachers, but they will give you insight into what's going on with classics currently, what gets discussed, and broader themes that our classical education provides. Explore and enjoy as you wish.

Audio Video Disco
Bestiaria Latina Blog
eClassics (the latest in exciting things going on in the teaching of Latin, including YouTube items created by students across the country)
Latinum (a podcast for immersion Latin)
The Latin Zone (my rantings about Latin and teaching)
Prometheus (a blog that is a comic strip!)
rogueclassicism (always full of great info on classics related stuff going on, from news and amusing tidbits to archaeology)

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Latin Weather What's the weather--in LATIN! 
Perseus Digital Library
SALVI (Septentrionale Americanum Latinitatis Vivae Institutum/North American Institute for Living Latin Studies)
The Latin Library complete texts of classical authors
Two Hundred Essential Latin Words
Vicifons/Wikipedia in Latin
Whitaker's Words No Latin dictionary? Check here!

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Dick Caldwell's Greek Myths
The Gods and Their Planets
MythWeb (cool site!) 
Winged Sandals

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AbleMedia Classics Technology Center. This site has a variety of information on all aspects of the ancient world.
Classics Unveiled COOL site with information about Roman History, Roman Life, Vocabulary and Derivatives.
Clickable Roman Map Quiz

Digital Roman Forum
Electronic Resources for Classicists
Glassmaking in Roman Times (goes with Unit 2)
HBO ROME website
History of the Roman Legions (take a look! cool stuff, including where to purchase miniature Roman soldiers)
The Illustrated History of the Roman Empire

Minimus Website. A delightful site featuring the Minimus text and cartoons, developed in England for teaching Latin to elementary age children. Fun! Show it to your little brother or sister.
NOVA: Roman Baths

Perseus Digital Library
The Roman Empire in the First Century
Roman Funerary Portraits from Egypt
Roman Women

Scale Model of Rome
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (with printable models!)
Vicifons (Latin Wikepedia)
Vesuvius Erupting
Virtual Catalog of Roman Coins. Mirabile visu! Just take a look at Roman coins and learn about their value as propaganda for the empire!
Virtual Gallery of Sculpture. Take a look at the sculpture that the Greeks and Romans treasured.

VRoma: A Virtual Community (we should explore this and use it)
The Web Gallery of Art. This gallery allows you to search by topic so you can find images from ancient times through the Renaissance and more featuring mythological characters and more.

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Dr. Math's Roman Numerals
The Gods and Their Planets
Institute for Nautical Archaeology. (At Texas A&M!) This site has photos and articles of the amazing dives done by the INA.
NASA photos for Classics (so cool!)
Vesuvius Erupting

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Fred Mench's Database of Roman Fiction. This is a wonderful compilation of fiction set in Rome. My favorite author among those listed is Lindsey Davis for her splendid writing, her humor, and her seemingly realistic depiction of Rome.
The Official Website of Lindsey Davis. This site belongs to author Lindsey Davis who write humorous fiction (mysteries) set in Rome. I admit to being partial; I'm her webmistress.
Roman Mysteries Website by Caroline Lawrence. These books are for a younger audience and have been turned into a British tv series, surely soon to be headed our way.
Steven Saylor Website This site belongs to author Steven Saylor, brother of DSHS math teacher Ron Saylor. The majority of his books are set in the Roman Republic. His most recent, Roma, is an amazing journey from before the founding of Rome through Augustus rise to emperor.

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Magistra Ginny Lindzey is the Latin teacher for Dripping Springs High School, Dripping Springs, Texas. All questions and comments about this website should be sent directly to Magistra Lindzey. In fact, students and former students as well as parents are encouraged to contact Magistra Lindzey.

These web pages last updated July 4, 2008.