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I Just Had a Latin Moment!

These are the Latin Moments from the 2000-2001 school year.

  • I was watching the Nanny and she told her husband "Seize the Day" ES
  • Caput Draconum, Head of the Dragon, is the first password in Harry Potter. AH 5/17/01
  • I had a Latin moment when I was watching Sister Sister because one of them said Carpe Diem (seize the day). DB 5/17/01
  • I was watching Sabrina and Salem the cat said persona non grata that means an unwelcomed person. RG 5/16/01
  • In the Nanny, Fran said Carpe Diem, that means to seize the day. RG 5/16/01
  • I was watching Superman and they said carpe diem (seize the day) JP 5/16/01
  • On the animated series of MIB, Zed said, "Quid pro quo" which means "something for something". KR 5/10/01
  • I was watching the Bug Man on Animal Planet and he told the story or myth about spiders/Arachne.  CH 5/11/01
  • I was on the internet and I saw a shield or coat of arms and saw this: In  hoc signo amas turris fortis mihi deus: In this sign you love; Godis a strong fortress for me. CH 5/3/01
  • In my new computer Game called Tribes 2 there is a map called "Invictus"which means invincible or unconquerable. AZ 5/3/01
  • I said "da mihi pecuniam" when Magistra Lindzey said give me the money to Nigel. That was scrumptious. DA 4/12/01
  • The word australis means "south" or "south wind" and Australia was named after it. AF 4/12/01
  • I saw Pinky and the Brain, and Brain said, "Pinky carpe diem, that means seize the day." And Pinky says, " Carpe diem, cool." AS 4/12/01
  • [In another textbook I found that] alb- mean "white"; ex montibus salus "all good comes from the mountain." KI 4/12/01
  • There are 2 Pokemon named Teddiursa and Grizzliursa. Ursa=bear... Teddy Bear and Grizzly Bear! KR 4/10/01
  • In Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal Lector says, "Quid Pro Quo" Clarisse. Want to eat his liver with fava beans and a nice Qiante?" NO 4/9/01
  • I was watching the movie called "Boondock Saints" and there is a tatoo on the brothers hands. It goes across their index finger and it says truth: VERITAS. JK 3/28/01
  • I was watching "Tombstone" and Doc Holiday said to Johnny Ringo in a bar "in vino veritas" (in wine there is truth) [and more]. JK 4/2/01 [go to the following for the complete info ]
  • Remus Lupin is a character in Harry Potter. Lupus means wolf while Remus is the brother of Romulus. Also he is a werewolf. AH 3/30/01
  • There is a new made for tv movie on CBS. It is called Semper Fi (Semper Fidelis: always faithful). NO 4/3/01
  • On the news in the morning they said Carpe Diem (seize the day). AF 3/31/01
  • There was a question on Who Wants to be a Millionaire: "Caveat emptor". No one could do it but I answered it and came aware with $32,000. By the way the answer is Let the Buyer Beware! NO 4/3/01
  • There is this one computer game called NOX which means night in Latin. AZ 3/21/01
  • On the Metalica "Re-Load" CD there is a song called "Carpe Diem Baby". NO 3/21/01
  • At the Golden Corral, there was a poster that said "carpe diem" with a bunch of grapes. KR 3/21/01
  • The word ars, artis in Latin means "art or skill". And in the US artists are the ones that paint pictures and create art. TM 3/21/01
  • One day I was driving to San Antonio and I saw a truck with a bumper sticker that said Semper Fi (Fidelis) which means Always Faithful. [Marines] FA 3/21/01
  • On the news they explained the meaning of Equinox is "equal night". KR 3/21/01
  • I  was stunned by the incredible ad for ThermaSilk, a hair product, on TV. It showed a classical scene with a medusa (woman with snakes for hair) dancing with what looked like Mars on fire. The ad can be seen at this website:  Look for ThermaSilk, follow the links, go to the Multimedia Gallery, then to the Party slides/video. Magistra 2/6/01
  • I had a Latin Moment on the word tempest which means: a big storm. (from tempestas). JV 1/30/01
  • This morning my friend gave me a pamphlet that said "Carpe Diem" (seize the day). LN 1/11/01
  • I found out the word "mater" in the Porter song means mother. JV 1/12/01
  • I was in band and learned that alma mater means mother. AP 1/12/01
  • "Ursa" in Latin means "bear", and the constellations Ursa Major and Ursa Minor are bears. BW 1/4/01
  • Arbor in Latin means tree. We have an arboretum in North Austin. We[also] have an arbor day to plant and save trees. NO 12/18/00
  • The word albus means white and the headmaster at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter books is named Albus Dumbledore because he is old and white.[Well, he has a long white beard...] MO 12/8/00
  • dens, dentis in Latin means "tooth" and in English a dentist is a person who cleans your teeth. See the relationship?  TM 12/7/00
  • On Cartoon Network, the "Thundercats," one of the villains was a Roman gladiator--the one with the ash helmet. BW 11/29/00 
  • USC (University of Southern California) Trojans play football in the "Colosseum", a football stadium and built like one [a Roman amphitheatre]. KP 11/29/00
  • In math our teacher said that fraction comes from the Latin word fractio which means breaking up. JM 11/21/00 [actually from frango, frangere, fregi, fractus: to break into pieces] 
  • My Latin moment was in science class. We're studying space, and the word nebula came up, which means cloud or fog. MA 11/21/00
  • We have a Latin song in choir. It's called Adoramus te. It means we adore you. AG 11/16/00
  • I saw Terra Incognita on a map watching Pocahontas. They were going into the forest using a map. SW 11/20/00
  • I was talking to Michelle from S.F. online last night. She said she just started a Latin class and needed help with ancilla. I said "slave girl." JK 11/10/00
  • I was [with my mom] driving down the road and I saw a sign that read "See You at the Forum" JK 11/9/00
  • My mom was stuck on a crossword puzzle and the word was dormit. She had to find a 5 letter word that meant dormit. I said sleep.  JK 11/6/00
  • My grandma and I were doing a crossword and it said "A Roman calendar day" and I shouted "IDES"! JM 11/8/00
  • "Regal" in Latin means "king" and "Regal Cinemas" means "A cinema meant for a king." BW 11/8/00
  • In two of my Computer Gaming World magazines were two commercials about football and hockey. One said "Kickamus Maximus Buttamus" and the other was "Eatamus Maximus Puckamus". AZ 11/2/00
  • Mom said "amicus curiae" which means "friend of the court". KP 11/3/00
  • In the computer game "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," there is a question that asks, "What does the Latin phrase 'Carpe Diem' mean?" This phrase reminded me of our journal we did. Carpe diem means "seize the day." TM 11/2/00
  • incognito is one of my spelling words and I learnd that terra incognita in Latin means unknown territory. JM 11/2/00
  • "Simius" in Latin means "ape" and there is a cartoon on at 8:30, channel 12, on Saturdays called "Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys". BW 10/31/00
  • We get "insane" from "insani". DC 10/31/00
  • Similes in Latin means alike. In English class a simile is a sentence that describes something alike. example: The tree is towering like a skyscraper. TM 10/31/00
  • Navis is in the feminine in Latin an it also means boat. And in movies when someone's on (a boat) they always say "let's take her out" referring to the boat! NO 10/24/00
  • In a TV show called Sister Sister two twins were [debating skipping school] and one said "Carpe Diem" (seize the day), so they both skipped school to go to a concert. ES 10/23/00
  • Over the weekend I was watching a show and a guy said "Carpe Diem!" JM 10/23/00
  • The element carbon comes from the word carbo which mean coal in Latin. JG 10/17/00
  • I have a mini TV and the model name is "Optimus" which means "the best". NB 10/3/00
  • I was at the mall and somebody yelled CARPE DIEM and I yelled "Right on!" and they said "Seize the day!" and I said "Amen!"  BW 10/4/00
  • In the movie First Knight, all the wedding vows of Arthur and Gwenivere were said in Latin AND the church had Latin written around the entrance. JH 10/2/00
  • I was watching "My Favorite Martian" and the Martian said amicus curiae and that means "friend of the court" NB 9/28/00
  • rex means king. In the dinosaur time a T-Rex was feared like a king. TM 9/26/00
  • semper fi (short for fidelis) means loyal forever in Latin. It is also the marines' motto. DA 9/26/00
  • I was watching a movie called "The Dead Poets Society" and they said carpe diem which means seize the day. KS 9/20/00
  • In the movie Pocahontas someone was reading a map and the left side was marked "terra incognita" and "terra incognita" means unfamiliar territory. JH 9/19/00
  • They have a commercial on the Olympics that says "citius, altius, fortius" which means faster, higher, stronger. JB 9/18/00
  • They have a truck commercial that says "some trucks haul stone, some trucks haul brick, some trucks haul gluteus maximus" which means hauls butt. JB 9/18/00
  • I was watching the news and they were talking about grass fires and they said they would go under leaves and be "dormant" (from dormit) and then burst into flames. TB 9/18/00
  • In Harry Potter, Harry had to make a protector to drive out specters and the protection was called a "patronus". In Latin, a patronus is someone who protects poorer people. JH 9/18/00
  • I had a Latin Moment when Mr Reyes started to talk about a.m. and p.m. [for ante meridiem and post meridiem]. LM 9/18/00
  • The back of a nickel has "E Pluribus Unum" which means out of many one. TH 9/12/00
  • The following comes from Terry Pratchett's The Last Continent. (hysterical book) The main character is a bit intoxicated and pondering salt:
    "It was a medicinal herb, salt. Good for wounds, wasn't it? And back in the really old days, hadn't soldiers been paid in salt? Wasn't that where the word salary came from? Must've been good, then. You went on a forced march all week, building your road as you went, then you fought the maddened blue-painted tribesmen of the Vexatii, and you force-marched all the way back home, and on Friday the centurion would turn up with a big sack and say, "Well done, lads! Here's some salt!" He's talking about Romans--making fun of them, of course!  GTL 9/14/00
  • In one commercial for football one guy said kickamus maximus buttamus (imitating Latin). RH 9/12/00
  • caliente means hot in Spanish so calidus also means hot. That's how I remember calidus means hot. GV 9/13/00
  • On the CD M&M, he says Please stand up, Surge. JP 9/13/00
  • I went to the movies to see The Cell...[in it there's something] that lays dormant [dormant comes from dormit, he sleeps]. CH 9/13/00
  • In "Annabel Lee" by Edgar Allen Poe, he talked about a sepulcher grave. In Latin, "sepulchra" means cemetary. JH 9/13/00
  • I was reading another book, Into the Labyrinth, and the old man Zifnab said "Deus ex Machina" and that means "God from a Machine" in Latin. JH 9/7/00
  • Australia comes from the word southern in Latin. JM 9/7/00
  • In the add on TV for Pokemon Gold and Silver versions, a kid walks through a forum and into a temple that said, "Gottus Catchemus Allus" for Gotta catch 'em all!" KR 9/6/00
  • Amicus means friend and inimicus means enemy. So the only difference in enemy is the "in" instead of the "a" in friend. TM 9/6/00
  • I was reading Edgar Allen Poe, and in "The Cask of the Amontillado" when his enemy was buried, he said, "In pace requiescat." That means In peace may you rest (R.I.P.). JH 9/1/00
  • Surge (A drink) that makes you hyper.  From surgeJP Sept 8
  • Surge: this word makes me think of surfing. Surfing is really cool. Surge means stand up. When you surf you need to stand up (on a wave/surge). GV Sept 8 
  • I remember reading about my favorite playing cards (Magic:the Gathering) and some rare cards are the 6 mox's: Mox Ruby, Mox Sapphire, Mox Diamond, Mox Emerald, Mox Jet, and Mox Opal. I just noticed that mox means "soon" in Latin. JH 9/8/00

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