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Class Policies, Procedures and Other PDF Files

The following are PDF files that can be downloaded and printed:

Class Policies & Expectations

Procedures for Latin and English

Pronunciation Guide with information on syllabification and accentuation (how to divide and accent words), specifically designed for our textbook, the Cambridge Latin Course.

Pronunciation Worksheet (based on the Latin in the Procedures document)

Syllabification & Accent (based on the Latin in the Procedures document)

The Latin Zone preview of what you will learn in beginning Latin. (This web version of the presentation is unfortunately very slow. Just click your mouse again if the animations are going too slowly. I may revise this in the future.)

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Magistra Ginny Lindzey is the Latin teacher for Dripping Springs High School, Dripping Springs, Texas. All questions and comments about this website should be sent directly to  Magistra Lindzey. In fact, students and former students as well as parents are encouraged to contact Magistra Lindzey.

These web pages last updated July 30, 2006.