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AP Latin Announcements

     The following announcements were updated July 22, 2003. If you have something  you would like for me to post here, please send it to Ginny Lindzey at ginlindzey@lindzey.us.


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New Aeneid Text Available!

(from the back cover)

A Song of War is designed to introduce intermediate and advanced Latin students to Vergilís Aeneid. The textís readings (including all those on both the Advanced Placement Latin Literature syllabus and the International Baccalaureate Latin syllabus) are comprised of selections from Books One, Four, Six, Ten, and Twelve, as well as Book Two in its entirety.

The Latin text includes macrons and is set in a highly legible font. Facing notes include glosses for unfamiliar vocabulary, difficult grammar, and problematic word order, as well as interpretive remarks and comments on figures of speech, meter, sound effects, and other poetic devices. Accompanying the notes are discussion questions on theme, structure, figurative language, metrical effects, and other topics with which intermediate and advanced students are expected to be familiar.

The introduction provides an overview of Vergilís life and works, a discussion of his style and meter, a detailed explanation of scansion, and a glossary of figures of speech and other poetic and rhetorical devices (in particular those listed on the AP syllabus), with references to examples found in the text. Also included are introductions to the individual books, numerous illustrations and maps, an end vocabulary, and grammatical appendices.

Accompanying A Song of War is a substantial Teacherís Guide with extensive discussion and teaching tips, sample questions in AP format, literal translations of all selections, a bibliography and resource list, and text enlargements for the production of handouts and transparencies.

Published June 2003, from Prentice Hall Publishers.

More information will be posted concerning this text as it becomes available.

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Campanian Society Teaching Materials for Vergil and The Aeneid

The following teaching materials for Vergil are available from The Campanian Society. Several new items for Vergil, including AP related materials, will be available by September 2003. If you are interested in these new items, please send an e-mail message and you will be informed when they are available. Thank you.

For the Order form go to: http://www.campanian.org/education.html  

TO FIND A NEW TROY. A simulation unit on Vergil's Aeneid. Introduces students to the challenges and decision making situation of Aeneas. Twenty separate sessions, with student activities, game board map, materials required and suggested resources. Superb teaching unit for elementary and middle school students. (40 pp). Item # C802. $25.00

EXPLORING VERGIL'S AENEID (R.R. Williams). To study the Aeneid is to face the most influential poem, and perhaps the most influential piece of literature ever written. Williams includes a brief synopsis of each book of the Aeneid, followed by a playlet ("On Carthage Bay") based on Aeneid I and IV. A chapter on explanations and exercises of figures of speech, character studies, rhythm and meter as well as famous quotes from Aeneid I, II and IV. Also included are suggested essays questions for classroom and individual research, plans for translating poetry to poetry and for writing short verses in dactylic hexameter. Teachers Manual. Item # L751. $25.00

ENHANCING THE STUDY OF VERGILS AENEID. Features teaching materials on the Cumaean Sibyl, the scenes on the doors of Apollos temple (Aeneid 6), omens and prophecies in the Aeneid, Vergilian literary allusions in Milton, rhetorical figures in the Aeneid and Greek names in the Aeneid. Includes student exercises and drills. (76pp). Item # L251. $22.00

STUDY NOTES FOR VERGIL'S AENEID (J. Breuker, Jr.). These study notes (for all 12 books of the Aeneid) are designed for both Teacher and Student. Includes: introductory synopsis outlining major themes and imagery; structural overview of each book with line divisions, commentary on each section highlighting major themes, imagery and diction; a recapitulation ends each book, often with questions for discussion and comments by scholars to elicit debate. A concluding chapter focuses on 'The Vergilian Achievement' which sets the Aeneid in context: includes discussion of Achilles, Odysseus, pietas, furor, ambiguity, Aeneas as a symbol, Vergil's 'Two Voices' (public and private). (100 pages). Teachers Manual. Item # L261. $30.00

ARMA VIRUMQUE: HEROES AT WAR. (Aeneid 10.420-509 and 12.791-842, 887-952) 2 volumes. (McKay and Hornsby). These two Vergil books include the newly prescribed texts for the AP Vergil Examination. Student Text includes: Introductory Discussion, Grammatical Notes and Commentary, facing vocabularies, Study Questions, sight translation passages, poetic terms and two essay offering advice by AP examiners on Literal Translation and on Writing the Vergil AP Essays.Student Text: (128pp) Item # L230. $21.00

Companion Resource Volume includes: critical essays on the Aeneid, suggested answers to Study Questions, a Selective Bibliography of books, monographs, chapters and articles in English relating to Aeneid 10 and 12 and to the entire epic. Companion Resource Volume: (106 pp) Item # L231. $30.00.

A COMMENTARY ON THE AENEID: SELECTIONS INCLUDED IN THE ADVANCED PLACEMENT VERGIL EXAMINATION. (Aeneid 1.1-519; 2.1-56, 199-297, 469-566, 735-805; 4.1-448, 642-705; 6.1-211, 450-476, 847-901; 10.420-609; 12.791-842, 887-952). (V. Jordon). This commentary is directed to two audiences: high school students and teachers and college students analyzing Vergils poetic discourse. Selections in each book are treated line-by-line; recognition and identification of syntactical and metrical features are the first part of the analysis; Jordans close textual analysis helps to elucidate the great beauty of the poem. (225pp). Item # 240. $$38.00

THE LATIN ILIAS: INTRODUCTION, TEXT, TRANSLATION AND NOTES (G.A. Ken-nedy). The Latin of the Ilias Latina is remarkably easy; this text can be used to great ad-vantage with high school Latin students and intermediate or advanced college students. Ilias Latina is a reduction of the entire Iliad into 1070 lines. Written by Baebius Italicus, during the reign of Nero, Ilias Latina is classical style and draws upon Vergil and Ovid for its vocabulary, syntax and idioms. Includes: Introduction, Latin text, English translation and commentary. (78pp) Item # L802. $22.00

A BRIDGE TO ROMAN CULTURE. (R. Zurawell). This teacher resource is designed to provide an integrated study to Roman civilization with resources on the following topics: Overview of Greek and Roman History; Home, Housing, Furniture and Gardens; Roman Dining; Paterfamilias, Slaves, Clients and Freedman; Women, Weddings and Infancy; Roman Clothing; School and Education; Roman Religion; Water Systems, Baths and Roads; Entertainment; Travel and Transportation. Provides excellent background to sup-plement any Latin course. Item # C805 $25.00

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Tela Latina Survey

Tela Latina is a new, joint project of the American Philological Association (APA) and the American Classical League (ACL). We are focused on bringing peer-review and the spirit of collaboration to Latin pedagogy web resources and invite YOU to share your views and concerns about the state of Latin Language teaching materials on the Internet by filling out a short online survey. The project team is keen to hear your thoughts. Those interested in volunteering their expertise are
encouraged to check the appropriate box(es) on the online survey form.

Please visit http://lilt.ilstu.edu/drjclassics  to fill out the survey.

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AP National Conference in LA

"Mark your calendars for the second annual AP National Conference! This year's conference will be held from July 18-21, 2003, at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel and Suites in Los Angeles, California. This year's conference will incorporate the AP and Pre-AP National Conferences.

Conference attendees can look forward to a weekend full of professional development opportunities. To find out more, and to join a mailing list for future announcements about the conference program, visit the APNC 2003 section of AP Central. If you have questions about the conference after reading the information at AP Central, please send e-mail to apnc@collegeboard.org.  

We hope to see you in Los Angeles.

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Please notice the new addresses.

To update your preferences for the AP List, search the archives or post messages online, visit


Visit AP Central (tm) A new website by AP teachers, for AP teachers - the official online home for AP professionals -- http://apcentral.collegeboard.com

Linda Fleming AP Latin

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Accessing the Archives of the AP Latin list

To find the archives go to this address


Type in your email address in the blank
You may skip the password -- we don't have them.
Enter AP Latin.

Click on Messages and you'll see the list of those available.    Not all are there yet, but they will be eventually.

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General AP Latin Info

General information about AP Latin can be found at the College Board website at http://www.collegeboard.org/ap/latin/ 

All official information about AP Latin can be found at that site.  This site is merely to fill in the gaps.

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Online Survey

The College Board is conducting a national survey [at http://www.collegeboard.org/ap/teachers/survey/]of all AP teachers to collect basic data on AP courses; teacher academic backgrounds; school and teacher demographics; professional development experiences and needs; current issues of most concern; and uses of new technologies.

Why this survey? Teachers are the heart and soul of the Advanced Placement Program. As the program continues to grow rapidly, the College Board needs to continue to strengthen the support we provide to AP teachers. To do so, we need to learn more about your background and what you need in terms of support for your work. To serve the AP community better, we need to learn a good deal more. That's where you come in .

We ask that you take a few minutes to complete this online survey. Knowing that you have little time to spare, we've tried to make it as easy to complete as possible. If you've already submitted a printed version, please do not duplicate your efforts online.

Be assured that your answers will be held in the strictest of confidence. Your individual responses will not be made available to your institutions in any way. Only aggregated results will be reported; your answers will never be attributable to you in any way. We will be sharing these findings with you as we complete our analyses.

We hope you will participate in this important national survey, and thank you in advance for your input. If you have questions concerning this research, please contact Marlene Dunham at 212-713-8071.

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AP Store

CollegeBoard has an Online Store which carries useful books and materials.

To find AP Latin materials, go to http://cbweb2.collegeboard.org/shopping/ap.html and scroll down to Select a Program and click on Latin. 

You will find several items for purchase:

  • 1994 AP Latin Free-Response Guide with Multiple-Choice Section Book $ 20.00
  • 1994 Packet of 10 AP Latin Exams Book $ 30.00
  • 1999 AP Latin Literature & Latin Vergil Released Exam Book $ 30.00
  • 1999 AP Latin Literature Exams (Packets of 10) Book $ 30.00
  • 1999 AP Latin Vergil Exams (Packets of 10) Book $ 30.00
  • AP Course Description (2002, 2003) - Latin Book $ 12.00
  • AP Latin 1995 Free-Response Questions Book $ 12.00
  • AP Latin 1996 Free-Response Questions Book $ 12.00
  • AP Latin 1997 Free-Response Questions Book $ 12.00
  • AP Teacher's Guide in Latin Book $ 12.00
  • Five-Year Set of Free-Response Questions - AP Latin (1995-99) Book $ 5.00
  • Real SAT II: Subject Tests Booklets - Latin/Modern Hebrew/Italian $ 30.00

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AP Course Description

The 2002, 2003 AP course descriptions (also known as the Acorn books) are available as pdf files from the main website (unlike last year). It seems to be a searchable pdf file of the Acorn book.


And, NO, these pdf files are not going to replace the print versions of the acorn book.  The paper versions will be still be available through the usual channels.

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AP Latin Multiple-Choice Item Writing Tutorial

There's a new page at the College Board site:

It is designed to provide AP Latin teachers with as much information as possible about writing their own multiple-choice questions based on passages, so that they can better prepare their students for the exam. The site contains material on the format of the Vergil and Latin Literature multiple-choice sections, sample questions with rationales, and guidelines for writing and reviewing questions. While the site is aimed primarily at teachers, AP Latin students may also find it useful.

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News from the AP Latin List

The web address for the page that contains information about AP mailing lists is http://www.collegeboard.org/ap/listserv/.  This page gives basic information about mailing lists; it covers the technical issues (Subscribing/Unsubscribing, Sending Messages to the Group; Message Delivery Options (digest, postpone, ack, noack); and Accessing the Archives. Remember, you will NOT receive a copy of any message you send to the group unless you tell the list to "ack."

*"ads" are not allowed on the list.  The College Board has asked that we not post ads from commercial ventures; exception would be when a list member asks for information about books for on of the AP-Latin courses or when an author asks members for advice on what teachers would like to see in a new text. 

If you have any problems or questions that you would like to ask the AP List moderator, please contact Linda Fleming at Nefle@aol.com.

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Acorn Book Discounted

If you are wanting a copy of the "Acorn Book" at a discounted price, check out Advanced Placement Course Description : Latin at www.amazon.com

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