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Vergil in Rome

Vergil in Rome: AP & Alia Taft Educational Center Summer Workshops for Teachers 2003

Course Description:

This workshop provides an opportunity for AP teachers (new and experienced) and others to read the entire AP Vergil syllabus, additional passages from the Aeneid, and selections from Vergilís Georgics and Eclogues. Participants will visit sites and view works of art in and around Rome associated with these readings. There will be full-day excursions to Cumae and Ostia. Classes will meet in the Campo deí Fiori, a charming piazza in the heart of Rome and a comfortable ten-minute walk from the hotel. Participants will be encouraged to generate their own visual material for classroom use (slides, videos, digital images, etc.).

Registration by the end of March is advisable.

Included in Cost:

  • Hotel accommodations (double occupancy, 13 nights, June 29-July 11)
  • Breakfast daily
  • Museum and site entry fees
  • Local transportation to excursions

** Not included: airfare transportation to and from airport lunch and dinner textbooks

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