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Welcome to AP Latin    

This is, of course, an UNOFFICIAL website for AP Latin. For official information regarding any AP course, always refer to the College Board website. This is merely a site to provide additional information about texts, internet links, etc.

Looking for Vergil?

New out from Prentice-Hall: A Song of War: Readings from Vergil's Aeneid by Richard LaFleur, Alexander G. McKay. The text's readings (including all those on the Advanced Placement* Latin Literature syllabus and the International Baccalaureate Latin syllabus) are comprised of selections from Books One, Four, Six, Ten, and Twelve, as well as Book Two in its entirety.

For more ordering and other information, please go to the Prentice-Hall A Song of War page.


Bolchazy-Carducci has come out with a Vergil text edited by Barbara Weiden Boyd, which is a complete revision of Pharr's plus additional selections. For more information go to the Vergil's Aeneid page at the Bolchazy-Carducci website.

Reviews Wanted

If you have seen either of these books and would like to write a review to be posted here, please do so and send it along!

 --Ginny Lindzey

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