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     Greek Too! was initially conceived as a page focusing on Greek pedagogy in the state of Texas. What began as the idea for a single page soon grew into a full-fledged website, which you see under development here. 
     Latin continues to flourish, enrollments climb and more students than ever are taking the Latin AP examinations while the study of Greek, on the other hand, is hardly visible at the high school level, particularly in the South and West ("Latin and Greek in American Schools and colleges: An Enrollment Update," Classical Outlook, vol.77, Spring 2000). It seems that only three candidates in the entire state of Texas sat for the National Greek Exam last Spring (National Greek Exam report). 
     Is a full Classical program destined to become an unknown academic field at the school level, more like Egyptology or Sumerology? It is, indeed, disturbing to notice that the APA standards for Latin teacher training fails to even mention Greek as an ancillary subject for prospective Latin teachers (APA Newsletter, vol. 22, Dec. 1999). Classicists need to look toward the future of their historic discipline that has been bilingual since the Renaissance. 
     To encourage more Latin teachers to invest some effort in acquainting their students with the basics of Greek and to offer a resource for teachers of Greek in schools, the TCA has set up a this mini-site in conjunction with the TCA website specifically to promote Greek at the school level. 
     It is hoped that Latin teachers and especially interested Hellenists at the university level will contribute ideas for promoting and developing Greek in schools, reviews of teaching material, and short articles for the web page. The remarks of John Kirby, a candidate for the APA's Education Committee, in the APA Newsletter, (June 1999), are a realistic call to arms to academics for the importance of school Greek: 

It's important to realize that students don't spring fully armed into our college and university classes… It's simple arithmetic that fewer students studying classical languages in school means (even) fewer doing so at the next level….(15)




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