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Greek Announcements

We currently don't have any new announcements but hope to be posting intensive Greek courses and the like soon.

If there are other announcements that you would like posted here, please contact Ginny Lindzey at


1. n. an abnormal state or condition resulting from the forced migration from a lengthy Classical education into a profoundly unClassical world; 2. n. a blog about Ancient Greece and Rome compiled by one so afflicted (v. "rogueclassicist"); 3. n. a Classics blog.

rogueclassicism -- blogging the Classical world

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Greek Vocab List

I have compiled a vocabulary list for Greek based on the Perseus Greek texts. It's in three groups: 100 basic words, which make up about 50% of the running words in ordinary classical Greek; 450 more words, to get you to about 70%; and 450 more to make a round thousand and get you close to 75%. As with my Latin vocabulary list, this is a generated list, so it may include spurious words that have forms identical to those of common words (for example, in Latin, the noun 'facies' isn't all that common, but some of its forms could be from the verb 'facio', which is common).

You can find the list at or from my home page at

Happy New Year to all.

--Anne Mahoney

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Richard Evans wins Able Media Award

AbleMedia salutes Richard L. S. Evans, a teacher at St. Thomas' Episcopal School in Houston, Texas, this week with the AbleMedia Bronze Chalice salute for his submission of "Greek Too: The Recovery of Greek in American Schools" to the Classics Technology Center on the Web (CTCWeb),

Evans describes the historical role of Latin and Greek in Classics curricula and a means by which Latin teachers can reintroduce ancient Greek into modern curricula via Latin class. Evans refers to this method of including the study of ancient Greek in Latin curricula as "Greek-by-inclusion." Brushing up on their Greek, determining appropriate places in class to introduce the language, and deciding at what course level the links between Greek and Latin should be demonstrated are just a few suggestions Evans provides educators on preparing to introduce students to ancient Greek. Evans reinforces his advice and guidance on his "Greek-by-inclusion" method with links to educational Website containing resources to support the introduction of ancient Greek into the modern Latin classroom.

As always, we welcome and encourage submissions to CTCWeb of a wide range of materials for the benefit of the education community,


Wendy Owens CTCWeb Editor-in-Chief


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Greek Clip Art

If you are looking for some Greek clip art, Microsoft Clipart and Media has some nice but small things. Just type in Greek in the first blank and press GO. 

You can find Hellenic Ornamentation for you website here.

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