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Pedagogical Materials

This list is by no means exhaustive; we have just begun it.  Please email me at if you have materials that should be listed here. Also, please review the websites on the Links page as many of those have online texts, fonts, and other materials.

And let's not forget the fun stuff! See the CANE's Emporium Romanum for t-shirts, mugs and more!

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Beginning Texts for Ancient Greek

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Beginning Texts for Koine Greek

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Supplementary & Advanced Readers

The following are taken directly from the CANE website and can be purchased from CANE.

  • Maurice Balme, York, England, ed., Greek Lyric Poetry. 1994. 136 pp. $8.50.
  • Barclay, Nina, Eucleides’ World: An Exploratory Introduction to Ancient Greek to Accompany ECCE ROMANI. 96 pages, 20 chapters, each in the form of a mini-lesson, illustrated. $10.00.
  • Jane Gray Carter, Little Studies in Greek
  • Douglas Domingo-Forasté, University of California at Long Beach, ed., Lysias on the Murder of Eratosthenes. 1994. 55 pp. $3.50.
    See Review
  • Ralph Doty, University of Oklahoma, ed., Xenophon's Gynaikologia: The Training of a Greek Housewife. 1994. 81 pp. $5.50.
  • Ed., Cynthia King. The Tablet of Cebes: Selections with Introduction, Facing Vocabularies and Notes, Wright State University. Fascinating reading! Simple Greek prose! 1996. vi + 88 pp. $8.50.

The following are taken directly from the Focus Publishing website can be purchased from Focus Publishing.


  • Greek Prose Composition North & Hillard paperback 0-941051-89-7 272 pages $20.95 1999 Focus 1999. Standard Greek. Includes all common words and constructions, special vocabularies, a general vocabulary, irregular verbs, a list of prepositional phrases, and more. Key to Greek Prose Composition North & Hillard paperback 0-7156-1527-0 116 pages $17.95. Focus 1999.

Other Greek Language Texts 

  • Advanced Greek Unseens From Cook and Marchant A. Bowen paperbac 92 pages 0-906515-47-5 $16.95 A revision to Cook and Marchant's Passages (1898).
  • All the Greek Verbs N. Marinone paperback 0-7156-1772-9 $22.95
  • Basic Greek Vocabulary J.R. Cheadle paperback 0-17-439918-9 $12.95
  • Beginning Greek with Homer F.J. Beetham paperback 256 pages 1-85399-480-4 $27.95
  • Classical Greek Prose: A Basic Vocabulary M. Campbel paperback 1-85399-559-2 120 pages $16.95 BCP 1998. 1500 words in common use among Classical Greek historians, orators and philosophers.
  • Elementary Greek Exercises A.E. Hillard and C.G. Botting paperback 160 pages 0-7156-1524-6 $16.95 Designed as an introduction to North and Hillard's Greek Prose Composition. Presents simple vocabulary and elementary forms of sentence construction. English-Greek, Greek-English exercises.
  • Elementary Greek Translation A.E. Hillard and C.G. Botting paperback 217 pages 0-7156-1654-4 $18.95
  • Greek Comprehensions for Schools M. Hiner paperback 88 pages 1-85399-053-1 $14.95 A volume of 80 comprehensions.
  • Greek Grammar W.W. Goodwin paperback 490 pages 1-85399-522-3 $31.55 This comprehensive grammar includes an introduction to the language and dialects; sections on letters, syllables and accentuation; morphology; exemplified syntax; and metrics of Greek verse. Includes a catalog of verbs and index.
  • Greek Metre D.S. Raven paperback 124 pages 1-85399-563-0 $27.95 A scholarly but accessible introduction to Greek verse meter.
  • Greek Phrase Book H.W. Auden paperback 122 pages 0-7156-1468-1 $16.95 click here for details

Greek Prose Reading Course for Post-Beginners 

  • M. Campbell Book I: Forensic Oratory (Lysias: On the Murder of Eratosthenes) paperback 64 pages 1-85399-537-1 $12.95 Book II: Philosophy (Plato: Crito) paperback 72 pages 1-85399-538-X $12.95 Book III: Public Oratory (Demosthenes: Third Phillipic) paperback 68 pages 1-85399-539-8 $12.95 Book IV: Historiography (Thucydides: Events at Pylos and Sphakteria) paperback 96 pages 1-85399-540-1 $12.95 These four books comprise a complete course in reading Greek for second and third year students.
  • Greek Prose Style J. Denniston paperback 256 pages 1-85399-526-6 $27.95
  • Greek Prose Usage G.S. Thompson paperback 160 pages 1-85399-554-1 $18.95 A guide to the syntax of Attic Greek as written by Thucydides, Xenophone, Plato, and Demosthenes.
  • Greek Through Reading J. and G. Nairn paperback 384 pages 1-85399-037-X $29.95 An introduction to ancient Greek writing. Most passages, by Greek authors, exemplify particular grammatical rules. Divided into 3 parts: reading passages, grammar, and English paraphrases for retranslation. Vocabulary list.
  • The Greek We Speak P. Barker paperback 25 pages 1-85399-176-7 $8.95 A brief but informative source on Greek-based words.
  • Homer's Meter G.B. Nussbaum paperback 44 pages 0-86292-172-4 $12.95 Practical guide for reading Greek Hexameter Poetry. With introduction, epilogue, indeces and notes.
  • Homeric Dictionary G. Autenrieth paperback 368 pages 1-58510-028-5 $24.95 Focus. The most complete student’s guide to the language of Homer, with all 9,000 words used in the Iliad and Odyssey listed with grammatical forms. Illustrations.
  • Linear B: An Introduction J. Hooker paperback 204 pages 0-906515-62-0 $31.55 An introduction to the Linear B Texts and their interpretation.
  • Outline of Greek Accidence J. Usher paperback 48 pages 0-7156-1543-2 $14.95 Gives in brief compass a complete tabulation of the basic elements of Greek grammar. Perfect handbook for beginners.
  • Primer of Greek Grammar Abbott and Mansfield paperback 230 pages 0-7156-1258-1 $18.95 Introduces Greek grammar. Includes both accidence and syntax.
  • Sidgwick's Greek Prose Composition A. Sidgwick paperback 1-58510-020-X 286pp $24.95 Focus Classical Reprint of 1876 edition.
  • Syntax of the Moods and Tenses of Greek Verb W. Goodwin paperback 496 pages 0-906515-62-0 $38.25
  • Thrasymachus C.W.E. Peckett and A.R. Munday paperback 326 pages 0-86292-139-2 $27.95 Designed to teach Greek through reading. With introduction, notes, vocabulary.
  • Variorum (Greek Unseens) J.M. Moore and J.J. Evans paperback 158 pages 1-85399-190-2 $16.95 Presents suitable selections for teaching the techniques of translation.

Bristol Classical Press Greek Commentaries 

  • Aeschylus: Choephori A. Bowen (Ed.) BCP 1969 paperback 196 pages 0-86292-070-1 $20.95
  • Aeschylus: Persae A. Sidgwick (Ed.) paperback 138 pages 0-86292-018-3 $14.95 Greek text. Introduction, notes, apendix and index.
  • Apollodorus: Argonauts and Herakles S. Ireland (Ed.) paperback 160 pages 0-86292-071-X $20.95 Greek text. Introduction, notes, bibliography, vocabulary, maps and illustrations.
  • Aristophanes: Frogs W. Stanford (Ed.) paperback 270 pages 0-86292-115-5 $25.95 BCP 1983 (Macmillan 1958) Greek text, revised. Introduction, notes and index.
  • Aristophanes: Peace M. Platnauer (Ed.) paperback 202 pages 0-86292-001-9 $27.95 BCP 1981 (OUP 1964) Greek text. Introduction, commentary, interpretive essays on textual tradition, scenic arrangements, historical background, structural analysis.
  • Aristophanes: Scenes from The Birds W. Oldaker (Ed.) paperback 0-906515-92-0 $14.95 BCP 1991 (CUP 1926)
  • Empedocles: Extant Fragments R. Wright BCP 1995 paperback 1-85399-482-0 $31.95
  • Euripides: Cyclops D. Simmonds paperback 112 pages 1-85399-523-1 $16.95 BCP (CUP 1927) Greek text. Introduction, notes and vocabulary.
  • Euripides: Hecuba M. Tierney (Ed.) BCP 1979 • (Browne & Nolan 1946) paperback 207 pages 0-9065l5-17-3 $20.95 Greek text. Introduction, notes and vocabulary.
  • Euripides: Helen A.M. Dale (Ed.) paperback 216 pages 0-906515-98-X $29.95 BCP 1981 • (OUP 1967) Greek text. Introduction, commentary, appendixes and indexes.
  • Euripides: Hippolytus J. Ferguson (Ed.) paperback 176 pages 0-86292-074-4 $18.95 BCP 1984 Greek text. Introduction, commentary and interpretive essays.
  • Euripides: Ion A.S. Owen (Ed.) paperback 196 pages 0-86292-039-6 $27.95 BCP 1987 • (OUP 1939)Greek text. Introduction, commentary, analysis and appendix.
  • Euripides: Scenes from Iphigenia in Aulis and in Tauris E.C. Kennedy (Ed.) paperback 162 pages 0-906515-97-1 $18.95 BCP 1981 (Macmillan 1954) Greek text. Introduction, commentary, interpretive essays, summaries (English) before section of the text and vocabulary.
  • Euripides: Scenes from Rhesus and Helen E. Kennedy & A. Davis paperback 208 pages 1-85399-565-7 $20.95 BCP 1998 (Macmillan 1962 Greek text. Introduction, notes and vocabulary.
  • Euripides: Troades K. Lee paperback 268 pages 1-85399-186-4 $29.95 BCP 1997. Greek text. Introduction, notes and indexes.
  • Gorgias: Encomium of Helen D.M. MacDowell (Ed.) paperback 48 pages 0-86292-053-1 $14.95 BCP 1997. Greek text with facing translation. Introduction, commentary and selected bibliography. Presents a short but complete work of Gorgias.
  • Greek Lyric Poetry: A Selection of Early Greek Lyric, Elegiac and Iambic Poetry D.A. Campbell (Ed.) paperback 500 pages 0-86292-008-6 $33.95 BCP 1982 (Macmillan 1967). Greek, introduction, commentaries, appendix. Archilochus, Callinus, Trytaeus, Semonides, Alcman, Mimnermus, Solon, Stesichorus, Sappho, Alcaeus, Ibycus, Anacreon, Xenophones, Phocylides, Demodotus, Theognis, Hipponax, Simonides, Pratinas, Timocreon, Corinna, Bacchylides, Praxilla, carmina popularia, scolia. click here for details
  • Greek Philosophers J. H. Lesher 1-85399-562-2 paperback 160pp $18.95 BCP 1998. Greek text. The Greek Philosophers presents a selection of fascinating and seminal texts from the Presocratics, Plato, and Aristotle, along with notes on language and content. It is designed to introduce the student at an early stage in his learning of Greek to important philosophical ideas.
  • Herodotus: Book Il W.G. Waddell (Ed.) paperback 1-85399-185-6 $20.95 BCP • (Methuen 1939)
  • Herodotus: Book VI E.S. Shuckburgh (Ed.) paperback 308 pages 0-86292-165-1 $27.95 BCP 1984 (CUP 1889). Greek text. Introduction, commentary, essay and a historical & geographic index.
  • Herodotus: Book VIII J. Enoch Powell (Ed.) paperback 0-86292-004-3 $25.95 BCP 1982 (CUP 1939)
  • Herodotus: Tales (Tales from Herodotus) G.S. Farnell and M. Goff (Eds.) paperback 180 pages 0-86292-091-4 $18.95 BCP 1983 • (Macmillan 1963)
  • Homer: Iliad I-XII Willcock 1-85399-507-X $29.95 BCP 1997 (Macmillan 1978) Greek text, with commentary, Greek and English indeces, maps, illustrations and introduction (includes discussions of the Iliad’s mythology, characters, gods, and method of fighting; synopsis of first twelve books; formulas and themes; the language and hexameter of Homer; and bibliography).
  • Homer: Iliad XIII-XXIV Willcock 1-85399-739-9 $27.95 BCP 1997 (Macmillan 1984) Greek text, with commentary, Greek and English indeces, maps, illustrations and introduction (includes discussions of the Iliad’s mythology, characters, gods, and method of fighting; synopsis of last twelve books; formulas and themes; the language and hexameter of Homer; and bibliography).
  • Homer: Iliad I J.A. Harrison and R.H. Jordan (Eds.) paperback 104 pages 0-86292-023-X $16.95 BCP 1983. Greek text with facing notes. Introduction, selected bibliography, a pages endices and vocabulary.
  • Homer: Iliad III J.T. Hooker (Ed.) paperback 95 pages 0-906515-14-9 $16.95 BCP 1979. Greek text. Introduction, notes, appendix, vocabulary and illustrations.
  • Homer: Iliad VI J.A. Harrison and R.H. Jordan (Eds.) paperback 112 pages 0-86292-149-X $16.95 BCP 1985. Greek text. Introduction, commentary, essay, vocabulary and appdendices.
  • Homer: Odyssey VI and VII G. Edwards (Ed.) paperback 88 pages 0-86292-005-1 $16.95 BCP 1982 (CUP 1915). Greek text. Notes, vocabulary and illustrations.
  • Homer: Odyssey IX J. Muir (Ed.) paperback 79 pages 0-906515-61-0 $16.95 BCP 1981. Greek text. Introduction and selected bibliography.
  • Homer: Odyssey I-XII W. Stanford 0-85399-502-9 paperback 524 pages $31.95 BCP 1998 (Macmillan 1948) Greek, introduction, maps, notes, indexes.
  • Homer: Odyssey XII-XXIV W. Stanford 1-85399-512-6 $27.95 BCP 1997 (Macmillan 1948) Greek text, with commentary, index, bibliography, and appendices (papyrus fragments of the Odyssey, contemporary survivals of features of the Homeric House).
  • Lucian: Selections K. Sidwell (Ed.) paperback 150 pages 0-906515-36-X $15.95 BCP Greek text. Introduction, notes, exercises, appendix and vocabulary.
  • Lysias: Five Speeches: 10, 12, 14, 19, 22 E. Shuckburgh (Ed.) paperback 204 pages 0-906515-44-0 $22.95 BCP 1979 (Macmillan 1882). Greek text. Introduction, notes and appendices.
  • Lysias: Five Speeches: 1, 12, 19, 22, 30 M. Edwards paperback 198 pages 1-85399-447-2 $22.95 BCP 1998. This text is replacing the Shuckburgh Lysias: Five Speeches. Lysias was one of the leading exponents of the art of speech-writing in the late fifth- and early fourth-century Athens. These five examples of his work cover a range of cases and offer a fascinating insight into Athenian society. Their relatively simple language and style make them useful texts for the inexperienced reader of Greek, as well as the more advanced student.
  • Menander: Dyskolos E.W. Handley (Ed.) paperback 333 pages 1-85399-187-2 $31.55 BCP 1992 (Methuen 1976). Greek text. Introduction and commentary.
  • Nicander: Poems A. Gow & A. Scholfield paperback 208 pages 1-85399-528-2 $29.95 BCP 1997 Greek text. Introduction, notes and vocabulary.
  • Plato: Atlantis Story: Timaeus 17-27 and Critias C. Gill (Ed.) paperback 122 pages 0-906515-59-9 $16.95 BCP 1980. Greek text. Introduction, notes and vocabulary.
  • Plato: Crito J. Adam (Ed.) paperback 128 pages 1-85399-032-9 $18.95 BCP 1988 (CUP 1888) Greek text, introduction, notes, vocabulary.
  • Plato: Euthyphro C. Emlyn-Jones (Ed.) paperback 124 pages 1-85399-132-5 $20.95 BCP 1991. Greek text. Introduction, notes and vocabulary.
  • Plato: Laches C. Emlyn-Jones paperback 1-85399-411-1 $24.95 BCP 1995. Greek text.
  • Plato: Republic I D.J. Allan (Ed.) paperback 136 pages 1-85399-254-2 $18.95 BCP 1993 (Methuen 1977) Greek text. Introduction, notes and appendix.
  • Plato: Republic X J. Ferguson (Ed.) paperback 1-85399-255-0 $17.95 BCP (Methuen 1957) Greek text.
  • Plato: The Martyrdom of Socrates: Apol and Crito with Sel Phaedo F.C. Doherty (Ed.) paperback 112 pages 0-906515-96-3 $16.95 BCP 1981 (OUP 1923) Greek text. Introduction, notes and vocabulary.
  • Presocratics: Main Fragments M.R. Wright (Ed.) paperback 214 pages 0-86292-079-5 $20.95 BCP 1985. Greek text. Introduction, commentary, appendix containing text and translation of Aristotle on the Presocratics.
  • Sophocles: Ajax W.B. Stanford (Ed.) paperback 384 pages 0-86292-009-4 $31.55 BCP 1981 (Macmillan 1963). Greek text. Introduction, notes, appendices, indexes and bibliography.
  • Sophocles: Oedipus Tyrannus R. Jebb (Ed.) paperback 208 pages 0-86292-002-7 $20.95 BCP 1981. (CUP 1885) Greek text. Introduction, notes and indices.
  • Theocritus: Selected Poems K. Dover (Ed.) paperback 400 pages 0-86292-147-3 $29.95 BCP 1985 (Macmillan 1971) Greek, introduction, bibliography, epigrams, commentary, vocabulary. Theophrastus: Characters R. Ussher (Ed.) paperback 1-85399-188-0 $31.55 BCP (Macmillan 1960). Greek, introduction, commentary, bibliography, appendix.
  • Thucydides: Athens and Corcyra J. Wilson (Ed.) paperback 152 pages 0-86292-196-1 $22.95 BCP 1987. Analyzes the history of Corcyra in relation to Athens in the Peloponnesian War.
  • Thucydides: Book I E.C. Marchant and T. Wiedemann (Eds.) paperback 0-86292-027-2 $29.95 BCP 1982 • (Macmillan 1905 with new introduction) • Greek, introduction, notes, bibliography.
  • Thucydides: Book II E.C. Marchant and T. Wiedemann (Eds.) paperback 281 pages 0-906515-20-3 $29.95 BCP 1978 (Macmillan 1891 with new introduction). Greek text. Introduction, notes, bibliography and maps.
  • Xenophon: Fall of Athens (Hellenica I and II selections) T. Horn (Ed.) paperback 109 pages 0-906515-12-2 $16.95 BCP 1978. (Macmillan 1962) Greek text with connecting commentary. Introduction, notes, vocabulary, maps and illustrations.
  • Xenophon: Oeconomicus VII-XIII R. Doty (Ed.) paperback 96 pages 1-85399-394-8 $16.95 BCP 1994 • (OUP 1928) • Greek, introduction, commentary, vocabulary.
  • Xenophon: The Persian Expedition J. Antrich and S. Usher (Eds.) paperback 200 pages 0-906515-11-4 $18.95 BCP 1978. Greek text. Introduction, notes, vocabulary, selected bibliography, maps and illustrations.

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