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TCA's Journal Excerpts

Articles featured on this web page have previously been published in TEXAS CLASSICS IN ACTION, the biannual journal of the Texas Classical Association (when under the editorship of Ginny Lindzey). For information about subscriptions, please check under Membership.

All articles are copyrighted. However, articles may be reproduced without permission for educational purposes (use in the classroom). For reproduction in other publications, please contact Ginny Lindzey at, 2321 Westrock Dr., Austin, TX 78704 for authorization.


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Last update: March 20, 2005. This site was re-created August 1998 by Ginny Lindzey, Webmistress, Texas Classical Association. All text and graphics are copyrighted. Original photo of arch by Roger Robison. To report problems and to get permission to reprint articles, please contact Ginny at