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I Just Had a Latin Moment!


Just saw something on TV that was related to something you learned in Latin class? Spotted a word derived from Latin in your favorite book? Well, perhaps you've just had a Latin moment!

Latin Moments are worth extra credit points. Look for Latin all around you!

Need to see examples? Read LAST YEAR'S Latin Moments.


  • On the Disney Channel I was watching Boy Meets World and after class...Minkes said "carpe diem". AS 1/18/02
  • Yesterday I was watching "Cheers" and Diane said, "tempus fugit" which means "time flies". EC 1/23/02
  • "alma mater" off of a Daria (?) in "Is it College Yet?" JBN 1/22/02
  • The Harpies in Spanish are lechusas; they were also birds with girl heads and smelled bad when they left. You have to curse them to co away. AB 1/18/02
  • Incubus (name of a band) really means an evil spirit believed to descend upon and have sexual intercourse with sleeping women; a nightmare; something nightmarish or burdensom. LN 10/24/01
  • Aqueous--an adjective for watery. LN 10/24/01
  • I was watching the Andy Griffith Show and Barney (the deputy) said that centennial comes from the Latin word centum meaning 100. ND 10/23/01
  • I had a Latin moment this weekend when I was taught some Spanish: ¿tu tienes sueño? (Are you sleepy?) the last word, sueño, comes from somnus, the Latin word for dream (-o- > -ue-; -mn->ñ; -us. -o). Magistra 10/20/01
  • I had a Latin moment this weekend when I was taught some Spanish: quiero dormir (I want to sleep); the last word, dormir, comes from the Latin word, dormire, which means "to sleep". Magistra 10/20/01
  • I saw a candy bar named LUNA which means moon in Latin. ND 10/19/01
  • I was at a retirement home in Oklahoma and the little houses were labeled "villa". FR/ED 10/16/01
  • I was playing Who Wants to be a Millionaire and the question was "What does Carpe Diem mean?" and it is "Seize the day!" KS 10/10/01
  • When I was playing Who Wants to be a Millionaire again the question was "What does the phrase Caveat Emptor mean?" and it means Let the Buyer Beware! KS 10/15/01
  • Way back when I was just getting introduced to the internet and was having severe technical difficulties, I got an email from the technical staff at shorenet which ended with the following: Hostes aliengenti me abduxerunt! Quid annus est? (Aliens have abducted me! What year is it?) I thought it was neat.--Heather Greening (from an email, not from class) 9/29/01
  • I was in first period and Mr Piper turned on the TV an it said "dura lex, sed lex" and it said that it meant "the law is touch, but it is the law." GC 10/4/01
  • On the one dollar coin it says e pluribus unum, "out of many, one." JG 9/26/01
  • I was watching "A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum" and there is an old man named Senex and that means old man in Latin. KS 9/24/01
  • hydrargyrum = watery silver; from a science book (on Mercury) LN 9/24/01
  • The cover of "Historical Cats" had Julius Caesar's cat saying "Et tu, Fluffy?" and it has SPQR on a stick he has in his hand. AH 9/25/01
  • Caecilius is a Patronus like the patronus Harry used in the book The Prizoner of Azkahban. PD 9/20/01
  • Carpe dentem--seize the teeth! In Mrs Doubtfire she drops her teeth in the wine glass and says Carpe Dentem. ED 9/18/01
  • Recess School's Out: A kid was dressed in a Roman Soldier outfit (a Roman civilization moment) JB aka LN 9/18/01
  • Carpe dentem--seize the teeth; Mrs Doubtfire. JB aka LN 1/18/01
  • From Harry Potter: Caput draconis--it is a password into their dorms. It means "head of the dragon". OH 9/20/01
  • "quid pro quo" something for something; from Hannibal. Clarisse and Hannibal are having a phone conversation and she wants to know where he is but she can't tell the FBI. JB aka LN 9/4/01
  • Submarine comes from the Latin word sub which means under (and maris which means sea)--under the sea. LK 8/21/01
  • "Justitiae soror fides" means "Faith is the sister of Justice." From A Wrinkle in Time, p35. JB aka LN 8/24/01
  • "In flagrante delicto" means "caught in the act." From A Wrinkle in Time, p 35.  JB aka LN 8/24/01

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