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I Just Had a Latin Moment!


Just saw something on TV that was related to something you learned in Latin class? Spotted a word derived from Latin in your favorite book? Well, perhaps you've just had a Latin moment!

Latin Moments are worth extra credit points. Look for Latin all around you!

Need to see examples? Read Latin Moments from 2000-2001 or 2001-2002.


  • On Tomb Raider she's trying to save the clock of time and she says "tempus fugit" (time flies). MAV 10/24/02
  • On the show called Even Stevens they were trying out for a play and the director said "cut" and then he said "carpe diem" (seize the day). AS 9/30/02
  • On the show called Even Stevens in the background there was a sign on the door which said "carpe diem" (seize the day). AS 9/30/02
  • On the computer a pop-up came up and said carpe diem. (on JG 9/29/02
  • The song, "O Come All Ye Faithful" is Adeste Fidelis in Latin. PD 10/21/02 Post Mortem was one of the words in our Reading Class for a scary word. It means "after death." KS
  • Emminem said Post Mortem (after death) in one of his songs. KS In Rose Red the house was dormant (from dormit, asleep). KS Civis Romanus Sum/I am a Roman citizen (in JFK's speech) (?) JV 10/10/02 I
  • n 7th period my teacher brought up some Latin: Anno Domini (AD) DC 9/30/02
  • When we were in Math class we were talking about Roman numerals. DC 9/24/02
  • Carolina comes from carolus which is Latin for Charles. LK 10/10/02 In Italian, fenestria is window; in Latin it is fenestra. I saw it on The Golden Girls. LN 9/20/02
  • Dios is God in Spanish, deus in Latin. JV 9/1/02
  • Lavar is wash in Spanish and lavare is wash in Latin. AS 10/2/02
  • Mercantilism is a vocabulary word in Social Studies. It is from mercator, merchant, in Latin. 10/11/02
  • In English class a girl had a shirt on that said, "Heartbreaker cum laude." Cum laude means with praise. SR 10/15/02
  • I watched a movie called the Ghosts of Mars and this many said that the ghosts go dormant from dormit, which means sleeping. PP 10/9/02
  • I was watching One Saturday Morning and Mikey said "Sum, es, est, sumus, estis, sunt." KS 10/7/02
  • Carolus comes from the Latin word for Charles. AS 10/7/02
  •  solo/sola means alone in Spanish and solus/sola is alone in Latin. JV
  • Dell has a motto: Carpe Dimension: Seize the Dell. LK 8/22/02
  • (I just had a Latin Moment) when I showed my teacher a canadian penny with D G REGINA (deo gratia)--queen by the grace of god. DC 8/22/02


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